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02 March, 2011

A little bit trashy...

Quite certain this blog will make me sound like a ....well, a slut really. But I don't particularly care, as I desperately need to get this off my chest! :)

Bad sex should NOT be allowed!!
SERIOUSLY. How bad is it!? Like, not just at the time, but the aftermath as well.. It's like, "oh yeah, thanks mate! I'll never want sex again!" *sad face* ....then, later, you realise that it's actually made you want it even more! ...Not bad sex, I never want that again... But I'd love an AWESOME shag. A mindblowing shag. The kind of shag that makes me go weak at the knees, and waddle like a duck the next day! OK, maybe not the waddling! That's usually a sign of sex that's way too rough. I'm far too fragile to be pounded like a cheap steak! >.<

I learnt my lesson though. Younger guys; they're really not that awesome! ...Well, not until I'm in my 30s! Younger guys might rock my world then! ...If I still roll like that anyway.

Peace out kidlets!


  1. The best thing about this blog post, is I could imagine you actually talking about it.! Hahahahaha, you poor bugger. Mindblowing shags are the BEST!

  2. LOL @ 'Pounded like a steak'. Hahaha