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08 March, 2011

THE bucket list...

So the other day, some peeps were talking about 'bucket lists'... I wrote one up many moons ago. Way before I became a mum. So figured I'd write up another one and compare it to my old one! (Which I first need to find!)

365 things yeah? ....This could take a while.
1. Fly an f-111.
2. Spend Christmas in London.
3. Take froggy to Disneyland.
4. Go to Uluru.
5. Base jump off the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
6. Wakeboard every day for 2 weeks straight; and survive.
7. Give froggy an epic trust fund.
8. Ask a random guy to marry me.
9. Own a Camaro.
10. Fly a Blackhawk.
11. Destroy all video games.
12. Go to Thailand!
13. Play with tigers.
14. Swim with sharks.
15. Abseil down the tallest building in the world (I forget what it's called!)
16. Own a hotel.
17. Own an airline.
18. Own a house with it's own private beach.
19. Surf with Kelly Slater.
20. Go snowboarding in Canada.
21. Heli-boarding in The Remarkables (NZ).
22. Be a stunt driver in a smashy smashy movie.
23. Pop tyres outside a cop shop.
24. Get a tan.
25. Blow up cigarette factories.
26. Race in the V8 utes.
27. Drive a go-kart on the streets.
28. Run around Dubai dressed as a condom.
29. V8's in Abu Dhabi.
30. Cure my addiction to Facebook.
31. Drink a bucket cocktail in 5 minutes.
32. Be on TV (for good reasons!)
33. Lick a random sexy guys abs.
34. Live in Europe for 12 mths+.
35. Raise an awesome child.
36. Get another tattoo.
37. Get to my goal weight.
38. Become a successful freelance Interior Designer.
39. Write a song.
40. Get married on the Eiffel Tower.
41. Spend Valentines Day in Paris. <3
42. Dye my hair blonde.
43. Live my life the way I want.
44. Get snoopy tattooed on my bum.
45. Get rid of my 'mummy marks'.
46. Fly to the moon.
47. Stop being commitmentphobic.
48. Kiss a married man (my 'iffy' one LOL).
49. Sleep in an igloo.
50. See the Aurora lights.

....OK, so I can only come up with 50 things! My bad. It's hard! I'm so boring now that I have a child. I feel like I cant be myself anymore! But I can! I CAN BE MYSELF! ...I just need to keep reminding myself of that.

Peace out! x


  1. I can help you with:

    Now...who am I? Damn it..says my first name, or is it????

  2. LOL!!! you can help with 27!? ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!