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11 March, 2011

AHHH! The world's going to end... Or not.

Hurricanes. Floods. Fires. Cyclones. Earthquakes. Tsunami's. These are all natural disasters that have been occurring for countless years.... Yet, all of a sudden, some hotshot makes a movie about the world ending with believable scenarios, and all of a sudden this shit constantly happening means the world is going to end!? SERIOUSLY!? Fail.
Today's earthquake/tsunami in Japan prompted half of my facebook friends to go into a sort of 'panic' state sooking about how the world WILL end in 2012... How the scientists are all right. ...The scientists that don't actually have any credible degrees anyway. Because the real scientists; the ones with 10+ years of scientific study, have NO idea what they're talking about hey!? ...Some people... LOL.
Clearly I don't believe constant natural disasters means the world is going to end. Hopefully, it just means that the human population will take our planet a little more serious and start looking after it! Otherwise, it will end. But not in 2012!

Had to get that off my chest! LOL. Could say a lot more, but hey, I need to feed my son before he chews my leg off... Because yes, he is turning into a flesh eating werewolf, just like in the movies!

Songs that played during this blog session ::
The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony.
Aerosmith - Don't Want To Miss A Thing.
Goo Goo Dolls - Better Days.


  1. But isn't it a sign that Armageddon is upon us??????? :-P

    p.s love Bittersweet Symphony

  2. armageddon is a big asteroid, and bruce willis smashed that thing into a million pieces! :D