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27 March, 2011


KIDS. One word. THEEE word. Strikes fear into the hearts of grown men, turns any woman into a blubbery mess, scares the crap out of teenagers, melts the heart of old people, brings people together, tears families apart and sets a mother apart from the rest of the world.
WOW man. Just WOW. Kids are full on! They're so amazing. And it's amazing how much they change your life! Even if the only thing that changes in your life is your before/after work routine, they still change who you are. Help you define what a true friend is.... Perfect example of true love. Love at first sight. Unconditional, "I don't care WTF you do, I'll always love you" kinda love.
Yet, something so perfect and blissful can turn someone's life into hell!? How does that work!? And turn someone from having some of the best friends in the world, to having no friends... A once confident, ambitious, carefree young woman turns into a self-conscious, clueless ....blonde!? I find it amazing how much everything changes. And how personally mothers take kind words of advice.. EVERYONE is different. No two mothers raise their children the same. If every mother raised every child the same, the world would be ...boring. Heck, a family can have two children and have full intention of raising both of them in the same way, but it will never happen! So why do mothers take something that was meant as a bit of friendly advice so insultingly!? Or, if you say something like, "Oh, disposable nappies!? I could never put THOOOOSSEEEE on MYYYY sons bum! They're disgusting!" That's MY opinion!!! Doesn't mean you have to get all sad panda on me! (just using that as an example BTW! Keep your panties on!)

Shit like this happens everyday! None of this is based on anything said to me today/yesterday/last week.... I was just reading an article on ninemsn and realised mothers are all such hypocritical morons! Yes, even I have my moments - I'm not afraid to admit it. And any mother that feels they can get all 'holier than thou' towards another mother due to being in a different situation can go eat a dick! :)

Ahhhhh, today's blog - over and OUT! x


  1. LOL gold !!! I can so relate to so much of that post Lee Lee ... thankyou for this post !! I do not feel alone :D

  2. LOL!!! I'm not blonde either.. Just used that as I'm having a hell of a lot of blonde moments lately :s ahahaha.
    But glad it helped you realise you're not alone! Too many mothers need the light in their head switched on! >.<

  3. Touche!

    I can safely say having kids has changed me, if it didn't I wouldn't be very good at what I do. I have my opinions on things, and I have found some people agree, and some disagree, at the end of the day, I'm not raising their kids so if they don't listen to me, they have their reasons, as I would for not listening to them.

    I do agree that disposables are yuck, too, and it was you who ultimately changed my mind massively! Haha x

  4. what mind minds gone lol

    and thankyou for making me like MCNS best advice ever

    and well i had to go make a blog to comment so thats another thing you helped me with lol