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31 December, 2010

Take a load off...

Getting all the negative shit out of my life before midnight, so I can welcome 2011 fresh, happy, and drama free!!
Why are people so shit!? SERIOUSLY. I have this one friend who thinks she's better than me or something!? I wont go into details - I'm all about anonymity. ANYWAYYY, she accused me of being a shit friend earlier in the year because I had out of control PND and just wanted to stay in my hole and be anti-social for awhile... Ugh. FUCK YOUUUU for making me feel like shit, you shit friend!!! Done with you.
And those big BOOM fireworks.. You know, the ones that scare the shit out of you every time!? Yeah, I hate you too! Stop scaring me!!!

Love agwa though. Friends forever. No, I'm not a pisshead.... Although, my computer is, after my son decided to give it a drink of red bull!! Thanks for that kiddo, now my computer might run faster... And the walls!? Yeah they were thirsty, and now they can clean themselves because they're buzzin on caffeine!! Ugh. Some days..... Well some days I'd really kill to be child-free for like, 3 hours. Ahhh, life would be bliss. Pretty sure this is why I want to go back to work! ...Don't get me wrong, love my little man to bits, and leaving him in childcare will kill me..... But the break will do us good.. I need it. BAD!

Grrrrrrrrr... This new keyboard is doing my head in (yeah, my keyboard got drowned in red bull too....).. The letters are like, curvy and all different sizes, so typing is hard, because my fat little fingers have to move further to type. NOT COOL Microsoft - make straight fkn keyboards!!! LOL.

Hate those annoying little flying bugs!! You know, the ones that make you feel all crawly after you see them fly past your face at close range!? Yep, FUCK YOU too!

Hate people that take life so serious... RELAX mate! It wont bite you....hard.

Just watched Salt. Weird movie. No wait, awesome movie! But it was not how I expected it to be, story line wise.. Good thing I guess, just has me thinking because I find EVERY movie predictable!

This post is SUCH a ramble. Needed to get it off my chest though!
Oiiii.... 19 days til I'm outta here!!!!!!!!!!! WA here I come!! SOOOO EXCITING!!!! *squeals*

Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR! to all my lovely followers... You make me feel special with your stalkerish ways! x

30 December, 2010

*THE* real estate rant...

Ok, so I’m moving to WA yeah!? It’s a bit of a BIG FUCKING DEAL! LOL. So pumped about it all!
Buttttttt… Yes, there’s always a but – kiss my bum and get over it.
BUTTTTTTTTTTTTT, why do real estates discriminate against single mums!? I don’t get it!? Why are we such bad people?? Really does drive me bonkers!  I get that if there was a bunch of 19-20 yr olds wanting to move in, you could assume it would become a party house… But when a 25 yr old single mum wants to move in………. what’s the worst that could happen?? The house will get a little messy!? …..GET OVER IT. I’m a clean freak you moron.

I really hate that I’m pretty much expected to live in some piece of shit house because I’m raising my son on my own. Real estate people – you can all go SUCK MY DOODLE!
Like seriously! Like give us a chance or like, I’ll go there and like, hurt you with my mascara!
Anywayyyyyyyyy… Peace out kidlets. This bitch needs her zzzzzzzz’s!!! x

20-10, I love thee.

Seriously, BEST. YEAR. EVER! so much went my way! Granted, a lot of depressing, nasty shit happened, but in comparison to past years, it was definitely one of the best!
Let's reminisce shall we!? :)
->  welcomed the year with my son.
-> got my own house - a great house, a NEW house.
-> made some amazing friends that I will have forever!
-> rid my life of my shit friends, and all the drama associated with them.
-> made some seriously life changing decisions!!

FANTASTIC year! Looking forward to 20-11 and all that it has to offer! Have my new years resolutions sorted :: move interstate (happening in January), lose the baby fat (in process!) and decide on a child friendly career! Now tell me that doesn't sound amazing!?
I always stick to my resolutions too! 2008's resolution saw me quit smoking.. 2009 saw me change jobs (getting pregnant and becoming a mum so counts!).. 2010 saw me get a nice house for DS and I to live in, and to work on my little family of 2.. <3
So yeah, mega resolutions sticker tooer LOL.
Also, best thing about "two thousand and ten"? "twenty-ten" sounds so awesome! "twenty-eleven" sounds weird! Oh well, like most things, I guess I'll get used to it!

No plans for NYE. I have this feeling I'll be asleep before midnight! At least summer has finally introduced itself to Melbourne - just in time to see out 2010!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! I hope 2011 brings you nothing but joy, happiness, and good fortune!! 

...BTW, i'm totally winning the NYE lotto draw!! :)

27 December, 2010

so THAT was Christmas!?

WOW. Can I start the countdown to next Christmas yet? LOVED IT! It takes on a whole new level of awesomeness when you've got a child hey. My little froggy loved it, and he got sooo spoiled! Finding a home for all the new toys was quite a task! Definitely need a 'play room' when I move.
Some toys are already doing my head in! Why do they have to be so noisy!? Wishing we weren't a little people obsessed household - they take up so much space considering how 'little' they are!
Am glad I got a present I really like this year! mmmm, Pandora how i love theeeeeeeee!

Downfall of this Christmas??? Killer toothache has set in. Pretty sure it's in for the long haul. Why are dentists so scary with their scary objects, and creepy goggles!? And hurty! They're always so hurty! I would be booked in for the next available appointment if they didn't scare me so much! Ah well, such is life.

Is it 2011 yet!??!!?!?! HANGING for change! Can't believe another decade is done and dusted.. Feeling mighty old - someone buy me a walking stick!?

.....peace out kidlets x

Playing with his laptop from nanny!

The latest addition... Sooo can't wait til it's full of charms!

24 December, 2010

Oh Christmas...

Love Christmas. Really, I do.
LOVE Christmas in Melbourne! 24 hour shopping is the best ever! Buttt, the madness is crazy! Like seriously, why are there so many people out shopping at 3am!? Surely not everyone in Melbourne has a bubba that can't sleep... Ugh.
So after 5 minutes of evasive pram action, I returned to my car and attached the bullbar to the pram. Yes, I have a bullbar for my pram! It's made out of cardboard, and is purely there for show; but it does make everyone get the hell out of my way! ....Told you, CRAZY.
Last Christmas as a Melbournian.... Bit sad. Wish I was in QLD right now, but alas, money is a bitch. A dirty ungrateful bitch! She knows I'd spend her better than anyone else, yet still avoids my grubby little hands...

Can I open presents now!? :D

23 December, 2010

Before the crazy...

I wasn't always this way. Once upon a time I was about as normal as normal gets. Happy, carefree, impulsive..... Not sure what happened!? ...oh, that's right. A living being decided to grow inside of me and not only steal my heart, but also my sanity.
No wait, that's a lie. I've never been normal. I've never cared what anyone thought... Always spoke my mind, and did whatever I pleased. I'm the sort of special you only read about. The infamous "window licker" variety. Rare species we are. ....Rare, yet totally awesome!
So I bet you're wondering what I'm doing here!? Well, I have all this *stuff* running through my head! All day, every day, it's there...Sending my brain into overdrive, and resulting in the CRAZY. So I decided (after severe peer pressure!) to start a blog. Never done this before.... Slightly disturbed. Like the turd my son did this morning.... I wont gross you out with details, but it was badddddddd!

So anyway, the moral of my blog? Oh, there is none. I just wanted to waste your time! :)

Up and coming blogs may include.....
Moving across the country.
Christmas chaos.
Smelly poo's.
And other hilarious bullsh*t.

me, "before" the crazy!