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23 July, 2011

The crazy continues...

SO. I've been trying to get a job in Real Estate for sometime now. A little hard when you have no experience or qualifications though! So I had it all planned! I was going to do my Property Management Registration, and THEN apply for a heap more jobs! Full-time work, here I come!
And thennnnnnnn.... One day, I was trawling Seek, as part of my daily ritual, when I come across a job. A local job. A job I KNEW I could get. Before I knew what the hell I was doing, I had applied for it!!! WHATTTTT!? I do NOTTTTTTTTT want to go back to Hospitality!! The last thing I want to do is bust my ass all day at work, and then come home to take care of my little froggy, as well as maintain a respectable house! So when I was offered the job, after much deliberation and brain storming, I had decided I would turn the job down! After all, I only applied for the job as a bit of an ego boost. Just to remind myself I still had it. Which, of course, I do LOL. So I called them up the next day, with every intention of turning the job down! But no, I had to accept it!? WHAT THE FUCK!? Surely I've lost my mind for committing such a crazy act!
So now, long story short (or not...), I am going to be a single mum with a full-time job, living in a state with NO family to help me out when I'm fried. Oh lordy... What have I done!?

Must say though, I am slightly excited at the prospect of returning to work! I'm not the slightest bit nervous (still time for that to kick in though!), but I am scared to leave my little froggy in daycare 5 days a week!! However will I cope!? Part of me is looking forward to a break from him, after having him attached to me for the past 21 months... But the bigger part of me knows that 5 days without him is too much! Ahhhh, I feel the water works brewing just THINKING about dropping him off at 6:30 on Monday morning! *sob*

Oohhhhh, the best part about all this working business!? (aside from the renewed sense of independence) I'll be cooking! And cleaning. ALLLLLLLL day!!!!!!! Oh yes, I have most definitely lost my mind!!! I give it approximately 2 weeks before were living off takeaway and living in a pigsty! LOL.

Ahh, that'll do dear followers... LOL, followers.... So stalkerish! ...IIIIII LIKE IT! Hehe.

Peace out kidlets! x
Soon to be my house... LOL.

11 July, 2011

Menu Planning... (13/7-26/7)

*sulk* So my menu planning hasn't really stuck this past week. SLAAAAAAAACKKKKK! LOL. Been clearing out the cupboards of useless easy to make meals, much to my diets disgust!

But anyway, new fortnight approaching, and I'm determined to stick this one out!!!! :D

Wednesday: Chicken parma & chips.
Thursday: Cheesy tomato risotto. (oink!)
Friday: herb crusted fish w/ steamed vegetables.
Saturday: LEFTOVERS! (see, planned laziness! haha)
Sunday: Chicken & sweet potato casserole.
Monday: Homemade pizzas.
Tuesday: Lamb cutlets w/ potato & pumpkin mash. 
Wednesday: Vegetarian lasagne w/ sweet potato chips (all homemade!).
Thursday: Roast beef w/ roast vegetables.
Friday: Beef casserole.
Saturday: LEFTOVERS!
Sunday: Steak w/ steamed vegetables.
Monday: Chicken cacciatore. (I'm scared!!)
Tuesday: Tightass Tuesday! :)

Good looking week, I must say!

Peace out! x

08 July, 2011

Menu Planning... (7/7-13/7)

Yep, it's official; I'm a real mum now! (because merely pushing out a baby does not make you a mum! LOL!) I menu plan! It's good fun, and I'm hoping it will help me save some coin by not wasting so much food every week! Wasted food is so depressing... Not to mention the latest health kick starts on Monday! Eeeeeeep!

So I figured I'd share my menu planning journey with you... It's been going on for awhile (on and off of course!) but it's serious business now! ;)

Thursday: Tacos!
Friday: Roast lamb w/ roast vegetables.
Saturday: Lamb casserole (using leftover roast lamb).
Sunday: T-bone steak w/ steamed vegies & potato mash.
Monday: Pesto chicken pasta. 
Tuesday: Bacon & mushroom risotto. 
Wednesday: Lamb cutlets w/ potato gratin.

Mmmmm, yummy week I must say! ;)

Peace out kidlets! x

06 July, 2011

It's been awhile...

Soooooo... I haven't blogged in awhile! Things have been crazy! Little froggy isn't quite so little anymore, and he takes great pleasure in constantly mix things up for me!
I've turned hippy ladies and gentlemen! Not anti-shaving, tie-dye wearing, dready owning style hippy... But hippy nonetheless. It's been, in a word, fun.
I'm finally getting settled into Perth! Only taken me nearly 6 months!! YES, in 2 weeks I celebrate my 6 month anniversary with this backwards state! Ahhh, what fun, and interesting times I've had! I'm hoping to study next month, in order to get a job in Real Estate. I'm finding it a little hard to get a job with no qualifications, so hopefully this makes it easier! Have also FINALLY sorted out daycare!! Intense. REAL intense! But done. YAY!
Am also about to kickstart a lifestyle change! No more junk food. No feeling sorry for myself because things are tough. No binging on chocolate because I feel lonely late at night... Just straight up happiness and healthy eating! I believe the two go hand in hand though... No more fat flap = happyyyyyyyy Leelee. Happy Leelee = healthy Leelee!!! WINNERRRRRRRRR.

OK, must be off. Little frog child has awoken from the depths of hell after his afternoon nap, and is going to obtain attention from neighbours with his SCREAMING if I don't let him out ASAP.

Peace out kidlets! x

25 April, 2011

well well well...

Why howdy there! It's been awhile hasn't it!? I've been busy lately, what with battling personal demons, homesickness, and Satan child! Finally getting on top of it all though. BOOYA!
Homesickness hit a new high the other day.... My little monster had been screaming constantly for like, 3 days... Actually, since flights to Melb were booked, he's been sooky... It's like he knows, and is just as anxious as I am! Actually had to leave the house! Was good to get a little fresh air though. Gave me the power to be able to tolerate constant screaming for the rest of the day...LOL.
It seems that homesickness and depression don't go well together! After much thought, I've decided to go to my Doctor whilst I'm in Melbourne and talk about going back on AD's.... But only short-term. Just until my life is sorted! ...I hope. >.<
Also, my diet is in full swing! Huge thanks to my VB buddy for helping me out, and motivating me to stick with it! Among other things...Already feel heaps better! ;)

How's Easter!? OMG. Chocolate free house here, but my besty sent us an egg each, so we got into it a little! Turns out chocolate sends my little man into a state of ....idunnowhatthefucktocallit, butitreallyhurtmyheadandi'mneverlettingithappenagain! LOLLL. FULL ON. Clearly he's not immune to sugar, or caffeine!

Did I mention I'm homesick!? SOOO homesick! Had the house to myself this weekend though, and it's been fucking awesome!  You don't realise how awesome Melbourne is until you leave... And you don't realise that some 'pretty' places are best left as holiday destinations! Perth would clearly be awesome to someone that doesn't know any better... But I do know better, and it blows over here!! ...Unless the weather is awesome, it rocks on great days! :) Stubbornness will keep me here though.. I'll stay, just to prove a point! Willpower is an amazing thing!

Hmmmm... Satan has gone quiet... dun-dun-dunnnnnnnnn... Something is not right. NOT RIGHT.

Peace out kiddies! xx

04 April, 2011

Cloth nappies... Myths busted!

Stole this from another blog... Found it interesting and figure it will come in handy to have easy access to the information when converting mummy friends (which everyone knows I'm good at doing!)


Modern cloth diapers are so different from your grandmother’s diapers you would hardly believe it. They come in bright colors and prints, fasten with snaps instead of pins, and can be washed in your washing machine with very little trouble. Here are some common myths surrounding cloth diapers, and the straight poop on how they really work.

Cloth Diapers Are Unsanitary: FALSE
When washed with a good additive-free detergent such as Allen’s Naturally or Rockin’ Green, cloth diapers are easy to keep clean. Breastfeed poo can go straight in the washer, but solids go in the toilet before the diaper goes in the pail, so you don’t have to worry about putting your washer under too much strain. Wash your diapers at least every three days to keep stinkies at bay, and try drying them in the sun occasionally, which both disinfects and removes stains.

Cloth Diapers = Pins & Plastic Pants: FALSE
Cloth diapers are now made of high-tech fabrics and fasten with snaps or Velcro. In fact, cloth diapers today are nearly as convenient as disposables. The most convenient brands (Applecheeks, Thirsties, Bamboo Baby) allow you to just throw them in the pail in one piece when they’re wet. Any loose diaper inserts will shimmy out in the wash.

Cloth Diapers Can Help Kids Potty Train Sooner: TRUE
SAP, or sodium polyacrylate, is the super-absorbent polymer crystals in the core of disposable diapers. This substance wicks and traps moisture away from baby’s skin to help him feel dry, but it has also been linked to health problems such as endocrine disruption, which can cause a host of illnesses later in life. Cloth diapers also wick moisture away from baby’s skin, but they let baby feel wet enough that he knows when he has peed, and that makes him more likely to want to use the potty instead.

Cloth Diapers Don’t Save That Much Money: FALSE
Cloth diapers cost $10-20 apiece up front, which can be intimidating. But cloth diapers can be used with multiple kids. If you diapered 3 children for 2.5 years each using cloth diapers, your total cost would probably come to about $1,000. Disposables for the same kids would run you an intimidating $7,500. Win some free cloth diapers in a blog giveaway such as those hosted on 29Diapers.com, and you can cut the cost of cloth even further.

Cloth Diapers Save 1 Ton of Trash Per Year: TRUE
Cloth diapers keep 1 ton of trash per year per kid out of the landfill. This fact alone is enough to keep many moms coming back to cloth diapers, so they have a healthy earth to pass down to their kids. Disposable diapers take about 500 years to decompose, which means your great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandchildren will still be living with the first disposable diapers ever created 40 years ago. That is the definition of unsustainable.

Cloth Diapers Are Hard To Wash: FALSE
Modern cloth diapers can be washed in your home washer and dryer. They are stored until wash day in a flip-top plastic pail and can be kept in a pail liner made of the same PUL (polyurethane-laminated polyester fabric) that diapers are now made of. This means no mess: just pull the pail liner bag out of the pail on wash day and dump the whole thing in the washer. The bag gets washed along with your diapers, and you didn’t have to touch a thing.

Cloth Diapers Are Healthier for Babies: TRUE
Disposable diapers are made of bleached wood pulp (which contains the carcinogen dioxin), SAP or sodium polyacrylate (which has been linked to chemical burns in Pampers DryMax diapers, toxic shock syndrome in feminine products, and endocrine disruption to give children diseases induced by hormonal imbalances), and plastic (which requires crude oil to create—neither healthy for your baby nor good for the economy). Cloth diapers are made of polyester or cotton or wool or fleece on top, and microfiber or hemp or bamboo or cotton on the inside.

27 March, 2011


KIDS. One word. THEEE word. Strikes fear into the hearts of grown men, turns any woman into a blubbery mess, scares the crap out of teenagers, melts the heart of old people, brings people together, tears families apart and sets a mother apart from the rest of the world.
WOW man. Just WOW. Kids are full on! They're so amazing. And it's amazing how much they change your life! Even if the only thing that changes in your life is your before/after work routine, they still change who you are. Help you define what a true friend is.... Perfect example of true love. Love at first sight. Unconditional, "I don't care WTF you do, I'll always love you" kinda love.
Yet, something so perfect and blissful can turn someone's life into hell!? How does that work!? And turn someone from having some of the best friends in the world, to having no friends... A once confident, ambitious, carefree young woman turns into a self-conscious, clueless ....blonde!? I find it amazing how much everything changes. And how personally mothers take kind words of advice.. EVERYONE is different. No two mothers raise their children the same. If every mother raised every child the same, the world would be ...boring. Heck, a family can have two children and have full intention of raising both of them in the same way, but it will never happen! So why do mothers take something that was meant as a bit of friendly advice so insultingly!? Or, if you say something like, "Oh, disposable nappies!? I could never put THOOOOSSEEEE on MYYYY sons bum! They're disgusting!" That's MY opinion!!! Doesn't mean you have to get all sad panda on me! (just using that as an example BTW! Keep your panties on!)

Shit like this happens everyday! None of this is based on anything said to me today/yesterday/last week.... I was just reading an article on ninemsn and realised mothers are all such hypocritical morons! Yes, even I have my moments - I'm not afraid to admit it. And any mother that feels they can get all 'holier than thou' towards another mother due to being in a different situation can go eat a dick! :)

Ahhhhh, today's blog - over and OUT! x