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09 March, 2011


So I've decided sunburn works in mysterious ways... It only burns what it wants to! LOL.
Went to the beach yesterday... Slathered on some sunscreen, then had some fun for a few hours.... OMG. Ended up with heatstroke or something because I was so burnt! EVEN MY LEGS BURNT! My calves have NEVER been burnt before! EVER. It hurts so bad!!

Anyway, purpose of the blog.... So, I have patchy burn on my chest, back, arms and legs... Really weird. And I'd like to know why Mr Sunshine is discriminating against my knees!? Why does he feel my knees don't need to tan!? I'd really like to know!!! Frustrating. Patchy tan = mega fail. I'm such a Melbournian! LOL.

REMEMBER kidlets :: Slip, Slop, Slap!!! x

Burn in question... How funny does it look!?

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