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24 March, 2011

Back to the 80s!?

So like, I've been thinking about the past a lot lately.... Not in ways you're probably thinking! I wonder what it would be like to raise a kid in the 80s.... I know what it was like to be born in the 80s (winner decade btw!) but to be a parent in those times; what was it like!? No internet. Computers weren't mandatory in every household. No mobile phones. Only the simplest of toys.... I reckon I was meant to be a mum in the 80s! I WANT TO GO BACK TO THE 80s!!!!
So random. I love the ....WTF is this decade called!? ...I love the 21st century. I just don't like what video games and gory movies are doing to the population! +1 for WORLD PEACE.
No, I'm not a hippy. I'm just starting to come to the realisation that I'm raising a child that is most likely going to grow up in the grimmest of times. Apart from the recession, obviously... Although, could be worse!? Makes me sad that he wont have the luxuries that you and I do. Sure, there will be things that are WAYYY better than what we have now. But there will be a lot that will be worse. He wont realise it, but I will.
Have no idea why I'm thinking this way.... I had a really freaky dream last night, and ever since I woke up, I've been in this state of mind.....
Meh, life goes on!
Peace outtttt! x

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