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02 March, 2011


That's the sound of an f-16 taking off at full noise! <3
That's the sound I wont be hearing this year. For the first time in a REALLY long time, I wont be going to Avalon Airshow this week! So gut wrenching; if I was in Melbourne, I'd be HELLLL pumped, as Thursday & Fridays are my go days! (trade pass ftw!)

The fact that the f-22's are there makes it even depressing. I seriously want to cry!!! Imagine.... Well, imagine having to go without the one thing you love more than life itself.... Like air for example. Yep, me missing out on the airshow is like the world running out of air! I COULD DIEEEEEEE.
Extreme, I know. Some may be thinking, "oh my, what a drama queen! It's just a bunch of planes sitting on the tarmac!" ..No, it's really not hey! It's a way of life - MY way of life. The way your stomach does that stupid thing when the jets take off... Watching the aerobatics.. Thinking to yourself, "if I wasn't such a dickhead, that could've be me up there!"
It's the greatest show on Earth! It's amazing. It's how I want to spend every day of the rest of my life! It's how I would be spending every day of the rest of my life if I wasn't silly enough to get pregnant!
I really do love my bubba with 95% of my heart... But that other 5%... Well, that 5% is addicted to adrenalin. He can't get my heart racing like a big fat shot of adrenalin can! :/

So yeah, the amount of sadness running through me because I cant go to the airshow is enough to blog about! ..One day precious wings, one day....

mmmm, sexy f-22.... *drools* 

Oh, and if you're fortunate enough to be going to the airshow this weekend.... Spare a thought for me and take LOTS of awesome photos!!! That would be awesome!

Peace out! x

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