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02 January, 2011

YES, i'm a single mum...

I don't understand why some people are so moronic when it comes to single mums? *gets distracted by 'Black Eyed Peas - The Time' and starts dancing*
....OK, where was I!? Oh, that's right. The single mum questions. Why do people ask the stupidest questions about life as a single mum!? Especially when they know I've been one right from the start... "Oh, what's it like being a single mum!?" ...I dunno, what's it like having a father in your child's life!? It's like being a mum. Does it really matter if there is one or two parents!? Well, obviously it does... So many of my coupled mum friends are envious of me because I can raise my son how I see fit, without having an annoying male in my ear telling me I should be doing things differently! I can dress him how I like, put him in cute cloth nappies, buy him toys I like, raise him to be the gentleman I WANT him to be! Not like you coupled mums.... Stuck with the annoying male (often referred to as the eldest child) giving his bullshit opinions that make you rage. Don't feel sorry for me....... I feel sorry for YOU!
Yeah, it's hard. But motherhood in general is hard! Anyone that tells you being a mum is easy obviously doesn't spend time being a mother. The only difference between you and me is, you don't have to stress about the day your child wants to find their biological father........ I do. If you're dying of the flu, you know there's a could chance daddy could come to the rescue... I have to toughen up and deal with it. You get used to it - I don't know any other way!!

....Just thought I'd clear that up for the peeps out there that often question life as a single mum.... :D
I'm now going to the toilet for the umpteenth time today...... peace out! x


  1. Too true!
    There is many a day I wish I were a single Mum, then I get sick and am happy to have an extra pair of hands.
    Growing up as the daughter of a single Mum, I preferred it to having a two parent family.
    I only had to seek one person's approval if I wanted to go for a sleepover or whatever.
    Haha xo

  2. I can relate to that post 100 % !!!!!

    I also have done it from when mine was just a tiny organism, I would not change it for the world !!!

    ( but I have very open minded friends) so paige will grow up around a pretty great community, eg I have a close friend that is same gender sex and her and her partner have has two children through IVF , numerous friends that share care there children , single mothers , To find a couple these days that are happily in love, and work well as a team in parenting I think is rare , gone are the days that people stay together just for the sake of the children , ( oh hang on its australia) plenty do , we still have a lot of wising up as a nation , as far as rasism, old fashioned values , ect , MY MOTTO do not take no shit , do not give no shit , and seriously NEVER settle for anything less than what you are worth , life is to short !!!!!!!!