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04 January, 2011

I DESPISE packing!

I'm not even joking. It takes me sooo long to pack stuff!! And even longer to unpack!! I only finished unpacking all my stuff here in like, July maybe!? Already I have to pack it all up again!! ...Minus 3/4 of my stuff, obviously. BLAHHHH. It's worse too, because yeah, I'm selling most of my stuff, but I still have sooo much more stuff than I did when I moved in! Stupid stuff!!

ANNNNNNNNNNND...... There was a spudda on my ceiling last night!! Panic attack much!? Hate the grotty little fuckers, I really do! So I ran off and grabbed my thongs (yes plural, I needed 2 for my plan to work!) and decided I was going to throw one near it so it would drop to the floor, then squish it with the other thong, then spray it with bug spray. Great plan, true!? NOPE! Just call me a ninja! *throws thong up* ...........IT LANDED PERFECTLY ON THE CEILING!!!!! Therefore, the spudda GUTS came down with the thong, hence me not having a panic attack because there's a spudda running around on the floor!! WINNNN!!!! I  felt so awesome achieving that! 12 months ago I wouldn't have even been able to go near the contaminated room without copping heart failure! >.<

....We wont talk about all the bullshit going on today. Lets just say I'm hanging for lunchtime so I can call the real estate and GSR, to get some much needed good news!! (hopefully!!!!)

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