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15 January, 2011

Last night...

So tonight is my last night in 'our' first home. Hasn't really gotten to me, knowing I was leaving this place.. Until just then. I realised all the milestones froggy has reached in this house! First word, first tooth, crawling, first steps.... The laughter, the tears, the frustration, sleepless nights, happy moments, tickles, cuddles..... And now I'm getting sad. Don't get me wrong, I'll be glad to see the back of this place! It has no aircon, thus making it sauna spec on hot days. But it was our first home. Not house, home. There's a huge difference, as some of you will know. Ahh well, I'll just keep reminding myself of the reasons why I'm leaving - the new memories, laughter, milestones and tears... A new life.

Speaking of new life - how awesome am I!? First house = brand spanking new! Had to wait for the electrical stuff to be done before I could even move in..... New house in Perth = brand spanking new as well!!! God help me the day I have to move into an older house LOL.

Should probably go clean some more... Still have sooo much to do! Took a breather to nab a WW custom, and that was an hour ago.... WHOOPSIES.

Seriously cant believe it's my last night here.... I need booze!! This time in 3 days I'll be going to bed for the last time as a Melbournian!!! EEEEEEEEEEP.

Peeeeeeeeeace out kidlets! x


  1. You makin me feel bad woman! even though your choosing to move here!

    Cant wait to be there for your little mans new milestonea though :) will be exciting!

    Your/our new house will be a good new home for you you and Ty :)
    They have only just finished the kitchen on it yesterday, put the range hood up. And im still unsure on our letter box, pretty sure i didnt see one hey!

    Will be a good adventure! :)

    Cant wait! x

  2. LOL, don't feel bad woman! :p
    one day you'll understand what this is like... it's daunting, but it doesn't mean i don't want to do it any less!! i like a good challenge, and adventure feels better than an AGB!!! :D