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06 January, 2011

The cloth crazy...

I love cloth nappies! Cute ones, bright ones, fluffy and embroidered ones! They make me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside!!!
Nah, but seriously. I get that a LOT of people use disgustables, I just don't understand why you would when there's such awesome nappies out there that not only look 100 times cuter, but are also a fraction of the price!? Not to mention all the bad stuff they do to the environment! CRAZY PEOPLE!!

So I was ADDICTED to buying MCN's at one stage hey. Like, I'd get really grumpy and stuff if I wasn't expecting fluffy mail! How intense is that!? People don't understand it, but no word of a lie, it's an addiction!! Bit like shopaholics, only fluffaholics hehe.
ANYWAYYYYY, it's been almost a month since I got fluffy mail!!!! I only realised today that it's been so long....... And I think I'm okay with that!? I still want more naps, and have some coming eventually..... But I'm not a fluffaholic anymore!!!!!!!!

I guess this post is a bit like an alcoholic coming out and being all, "I've been sober for 6 months!!!!" ...It's a mega achievement! I'm proud of myself! Now to find some fluff for me to buy.... No wait, I can't!!! ... This time in 2 weeks I'll be on the plane Perth bound!!! So scary that it's so close.... EEEEEEEEEP!

Peace out kidlets. x


  1. I am looking forward to receiving mine in the mail.
    They are heaps cuter, and my munchkin is a hell of a lot more comfortable than when she was in "disgustables".
    It's all thanks to you :)
    There needs to be more advertising done for new Mum's by hospitals & health centres so they know there is more options for nappies out there instead of providing them with only disposables in hospitals.
    I should so do that.! :)

  2. hehe, the hossy froggy was born in has info on MCN's for new mummies, but only because I went in and gave it to them... It takes a lot of work to get something advertised in a hospital hey!

  3. I GOT MY MAIL.!!
    I am in LOVE.!
    You've created a Mummy Monster.!