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13 January, 2011


This time in SEVEN days, I'll be snoozing in my fabulous hotel room in Adelaide!!!!!!! WEEEEEE! Curious to see what Adelaide is like - never been there before!!
ANNNND.... This time in 8 days, i'll be on the plane on my way to Perth!!!! (with less than an hour to go!) THAT is exciting!!!! Also nerve racking. Hopefully my little froggy takes after his mama and loves flying!

Packing is shit. Seriously! SOOOOOO SHIT. I think the fact that you pack, only to unpack a couple of days later makes it so much more suckier, if that makes sense!? Hmmmm.. Almost done. Not sure if everything I plan on putting in my car will actually fit in my car though. I have more crap than I thought!

This is all MY crap... EEEEP!

...How's the floods in Brisbane!? SOOOO depressing! I watch the news, read the stuff on facebook, browse some blogs.... And my heart breaks. Seeing pics of places like Southbank... Thinking... Places I used to sit and watch the world go by are now underwater! CRAZY. Friends houses - underwater. I feel like my heart is being ripped away with the current, it's that brutal. The stories of heroism and random acts of kindness make my heart smile though! And the flood relief... OH. EM. GEEE! Can't believe how generous our amazing little country (well, continent if you want to get technical) is! No wonder I love Australia so much! <3

My little man has started 'hiding' on me hey. It's the cutest thing ever, as he hasn't quite grasped the concept of 'hiding' yet! He merely squats in the corner!! He looks so cute though! Tucks his little head down and tries sooo hard not to move/make a sound! Then he sees my feet, jumps up, goes "didididididdididididdididi" (no idea what that is meant to mean LOL) and runs away! DAMMIT. How can one child be so damn lovable!? I just want to squish him!! >.<
He does wees on the toilet too!! I put a pic up for you all to enjoy. Makes me do a little squeal on the inside seeing him on the toilet! ...Yes, I think it's THAT cute!

How cute is my little man!? LOVE HIM.

God, I always swore I'd never be one of those mums that talks about their kids ALLLLLLLLLLLL the time.. Used to drive me batty! Yet here I am, basking in my sons glory and amazement. Funny how the world works hey!? 

Don't you hate it when you can't sleep!? Another night of cleaning done... Melbourne's humidity is draining the life out of me! I can't clean during the day as I feel too sticky to do anything, so I do it all at night when the house has cooled down... Naturally, that results in my body gaining another hit of energy, thus leaving me wide eyed and bushy tailed at ...12:25am. Sweet, this is awesome!! *note sarcasm*

Ughh, might go amuse myself elsewhere now...
Much love kidlets! x

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  1. YAY for Froggy using the toilet for wee's.
    Stanley uses it for poo's when he can be bothered telling me he needs to go. I have a potty, but that's just double handling crap, and I would rather flush it and have someone ELSE deal with it after that. Haha.
    BOO for you moving away so soon. It's crept up on us. I hope your little tacka loves to fly, too. How odd would it be if he hated it as much as you love it.!? Enjoy Adelaide. I was impressed by it when I went there... but I was 7 at the time :/