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27 December, 2010

so THAT was Christmas!?

WOW. Can I start the countdown to next Christmas yet? LOVED IT! It takes on a whole new level of awesomeness when you've got a child hey. My little froggy loved it, and he got sooo spoiled! Finding a home for all the new toys was quite a task! Definitely need a 'play room' when I move.
Some toys are already doing my head in! Why do they have to be so noisy!? Wishing we weren't a little people obsessed household - they take up so much space considering how 'little' they are!
Am glad I got a present I really like this year! mmmm, Pandora how i love theeeeeeeee!

Downfall of this Christmas??? Killer toothache has set in. Pretty sure it's in for the long haul. Why are dentists so scary with their scary objects, and creepy goggles!? And hurty! They're always so hurty! I would be booked in for the next available appointment if they didn't scare me so much! Ah well, such is life.

Is it 2011 yet!??!!?!?! HANGING for change! Can't believe another decade is done and dusted.. Feeling mighty old - someone buy me a walking stick!?

.....peace out kidlets x

Playing with his laptop from nanny!

The latest addition... Sooo can't wait til it's full of charms!

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