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30 December, 2010

*THE* real estate rant...

Ok, so I’m moving to WA yeah!? It’s a bit of a BIG FUCKING DEAL! LOL. So pumped about it all!
Buttttttt… Yes, there’s always a but – kiss my bum and get over it.
BUTTTTTTTTTTTTT, why do real estates discriminate against single mums!? I don’t get it!? Why are we such bad people?? Really does drive me bonkers!  I get that if there was a bunch of 19-20 yr olds wanting to move in, you could assume it would become a party house… But when a 25 yr old single mum wants to move in………. what’s the worst that could happen?? The house will get a little messy!? …..GET OVER IT. I’m a clean freak you moron.

I really hate that I’m pretty much expected to live in some piece of shit house because I’m raising my son on my own. Real estate people – you can all go SUCK MY DOODLE!
Like seriously! Like give us a chance or like, I’ll go there and like, hurt you with my mascara!
Anywayyyyyyyyy… Peace out kidlets. This bitch needs her zzzzzzzz’s!!! x


  1. It's not just single Mum's they are against.
    It's like they are against all Mum's.
    When my brother, Matt, kids & I were looking to all move in together [despite being well and truly able to afford the rent] the R.E told me that it was me and the kid's who were the reasons we were finding it hard to get approved.
    Gee, I apologise, my kids and I will live away from my husband [their dad] just so it makes it easier for him to get a house...? GET FARKED >.<

  2. yeah, my friends same age as me and has an 8 month old... she's having sooo much trouble getting a house hey! and she has a partner - he just works away for 3 months straight. you'd think she'd get a house no problems considering how much money he makes, but nope.. so now she's living with her parents to save up a deposit to buy a house LOL.
    i just think it's bullshit how they discriminate against parents. like seriously, kids need a place to live as well! LOL.