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24 December, 2010

Oh Christmas...

Love Christmas. Really, I do.
LOVE Christmas in Melbourne! 24 hour shopping is the best ever! Buttt, the madness is crazy! Like seriously, why are there so many people out shopping at 3am!? Surely not everyone in Melbourne has a bubba that can't sleep... Ugh.
So after 5 minutes of evasive pram action, I returned to my car and attached the bullbar to the pram. Yes, I have a bullbar for my pram! It's made out of cardboard, and is purely there for show; but it does make everyone get the hell out of my way! ....Told you, CRAZY.
Last Christmas as a Melbournian.... Bit sad. Wish I was in QLD right now, but alas, money is a bitch. A dirty ungrateful bitch! She knows I'd spend her better than anyone else, yet still avoids my grubby little hands...

Can I open presents now!? :D

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