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30 December, 2010

20-10, I love thee.

Seriously, BEST. YEAR. EVER! so much went my way! Granted, a lot of depressing, nasty shit happened, but in comparison to past years, it was definitely one of the best!
Let's reminisce shall we!? :)
->  welcomed the year with my son.
-> got my own house - a great house, a NEW house.
-> made some amazing friends that I will have forever!
-> rid my life of my shit friends, and all the drama associated with them.
-> made some seriously life changing decisions!!

FANTASTIC year! Looking forward to 20-11 and all that it has to offer! Have my new years resolutions sorted :: move interstate (happening in January), lose the baby fat (in process!) and decide on a child friendly career! Now tell me that doesn't sound amazing!?
I always stick to my resolutions too! 2008's resolution saw me quit smoking.. 2009 saw me change jobs (getting pregnant and becoming a mum so counts!).. 2010 saw me get a nice house for DS and I to live in, and to work on my little family of 2.. <3
So yeah, mega resolutions sticker tooer LOL.
Also, best thing about "two thousand and ten"? "twenty-ten" sounds so awesome! "twenty-eleven" sounds weird! Oh well, like most things, I guess I'll get used to it!

No plans for NYE. I have this feeling I'll be asleep before midnight! At least summer has finally introduced itself to Melbourne - just in time to see out 2010!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! I hope 2011 brings you nothing but joy, happiness, and good fortune!! 

...BTW, i'm totally winning the NYE lotto draw!! :)


  1. Welcome to Blogland Missy!
    Love your resolutions! and btw you are going to have to at least share that $31M as I'm getting at least half!
    Happy New Year Gorgeous!!!!!

  2. great NY yrs resolution !!!!
    I would love to loose the last kgs , but cannot be bothered this yr , lol !!!
    Thought she would suck it of me but no such luck , look forward to your blogs :)