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25 April, 2011

well well well...

Why howdy there! It's been awhile hasn't it!? I've been busy lately, what with battling personal demons, homesickness, and Satan child! Finally getting on top of it all though. BOOYA!
Homesickness hit a new high the other day.... My little monster had been screaming constantly for like, 3 days... Actually, since flights to Melb were booked, he's been sooky... It's like he knows, and is just as anxious as I am! Actually had to leave the house! Was good to get a little fresh air though. Gave me the power to be able to tolerate constant screaming for the rest of the day...LOL.
It seems that homesickness and depression don't go well together! After much thought, I've decided to go to my Doctor whilst I'm in Melbourne and talk about going back on AD's.... But only short-term. Just until my life is sorted! ...I hope. >.<
Also, my diet is in full swing! Huge thanks to my VB buddy for helping me out, and motivating me to stick with it! Among other things...Already feel heaps better! ;)

How's Easter!? OMG. Chocolate free house here, but my besty sent us an egg each, so we got into it a little! Turns out chocolate sends my little man into a state of ....idunnowhatthefucktocallit, butitreallyhurtmyheadandi'mneverlettingithappenagain! LOLLL. FULL ON. Clearly he's not immune to sugar, or caffeine!

Did I mention I'm homesick!? SOOO homesick! Had the house to myself this weekend though, and it's been fucking awesome!  You don't realise how awesome Melbourne is until you leave... And you don't realise that some 'pretty' places are best left as holiday destinations! Perth would clearly be awesome to someone that doesn't know any better... But I do know better, and it blows over here!! ...Unless the weather is awesome, it rocks on great days! :) Stubbornness will keep me here though.. I'll stay, just to prove a point! Willpower is an amazing thing!

Hmmmm... Satan has gone quiet... dun-dun-dunnnnnnnnn... Something is not right. NOT RIGHT.

Peace out kiddies! xx

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