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11 July, 2011

Menu Planning... (13/7-26/7)

*sulk* So my menu planning hasn't really stuck this past week. SLAAAAAAAACKKKKK! LOL. Been clearing out the cupboards of useless easy to make meals, much to my diets disgust!

But anyway, new fortnight approaching, and I'm determined to stick this one out!!!! :D

Wednesday: Chicken parma & chips.
Thursday: Cheesy tomato risotto. (oink!)
Friday: herb crusted fish w/ steamed vegetables.
Saturday: LEFTOVERS! (see, planned laziness! haha)
Sunday: Chicken & sweet potato casserole.
Monday: Homemade pizzas.
Tuesday: Lamb cutlets w/ potato & pumpkin mash. 
Wednesday: Vegetarian lasagne w/ sweet potato chips (all homemade!).
Thursday: Roast beef w/ roast vegetables.
Friday: Beef casserole.
Saturday: LEFTOVERS!
Sunday: Steak w/ steamed vegetables.
Monday: Chicken cacciatore. (I'm scared!!)
Tuesday: Tightass Tuesday! :)

Good looking week, I must say!

Peace out! x

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  1. Looks awesome! Love that you have planned saturdays as leftovers, it's great to do that