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08 July, 2011

Menu Planning... (7/7-13/7)

Yep, it's official; I'm a real mum now! (because merely pushing out a baby does not make you a mum! LOL!) I menu plan! It's good fun, and I'm hoping it will help me save some coin by not wasting so much food every week! Wasted food is so depressing... Not to mention the latest health kick starts on Monday! Eeeeeeep!

So I figured I'd share my menu planning journey with you... It's been going on for awhile (on and off of course!) but it's serious business now! ;)

Thursday: Tacos!
Friday: Roast lamb w/ roast vegetables.
Saturday: Lamb casserole (using leftover roast lamb).
Sunday: T-bone steak w/ steamed vegies & potato mash.
Monday: Pesto chicken pasta. 
Tuesday: Bacon & mushroom risotto. 
Wednesday: Lamb cutlets w/ potato gratin.

Mmmmm, yummy week I must say! ;)

Peace out kidlets! x

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