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14 February, 2011

Valentines Day...

Roses are gay
Violets are dead
I'll spend the whole day
Laying in bed!

...LOL. I dislike Valentines Day when I have nobody to stimulate me. Not in a dirty sex kinda way; in an adult conversation kinda way. One that doesn't involve poo's, toys, and tanties!
Don't get me wrong, sex would be awesome! But it's not really top of my list!

I also hate bills. And want more nappies. And want a million other things as well! ...Sucks to WANT everything!!! I WANT never gets!!!!
I do NEED a job though. Would most definitely help me satisfy my 'wants' LOL.
Ugh, bored ramblings yet again.

Peace out kidlets! x

Nothing like a good variety of screws to spice up the evening!

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