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12 February, 2011


Gah, they're so frustrating!! When I first got here, the first thing I noticed was that the bit of grass between the hwy was getting watered!! Don't think I've ever seen that in my life! Naturally, this made me think Perth was the coolest place ever, LOL.
But now... Now I know the truth about the evil sprinklers. They never do what they're told! Go off when they want (at least on the right day!) and squirt for AGES! So much for 20 minutes max - sorry almost empty Perth dam, our sprinklers are greedy and stay on for an hour or so... >.<

Other than that, life here is pretty awesome! Finally get my bed tomorrow - only took 3 weeks! Also get my pallets of crap!!! This is exciting. Almost as exciting as when Sparkles (my car) arrived! Not really looking forward to putting my bed together though. Can totally see this ending badly!

Oh.. Yes.. I've been here 3 weeks!? CRAZY. Where is the time going!? Also getting homesick I think.... Starting to get bored as I get more settled in... Need to find a job, but it's no easy task when you have a kid to look after as well - discriminating bastards! Plus, the fact I only really have Hospitality experience doesn't really help me, considering I'm trying to get an office job. *sigh* One day...

Anyway, felt a little overdue on the blog front.. Now it's out of my system, I feel much better! Will probably get back into it a little more when I have REAL internet on my PC ahaha. Stupid USB internet stuff is GAY. Drops out wayyy too much! :(

Peace out kidlets! x

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  1. Wow those sprinklers do sound evil.! Lol.!
    Welcome back to BloggyTown xx